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Sruthi Hassan Dating with Bollwood Actor ??


Sruthi Hassan Dating with Bollwood Actor ??

Shruthi Hassan was doing her job camly & suddenly she became talk of the town in the industry . Suddenly a stranger entering her house lead to all sorts of gossips. Shruthi even greeted the mumbai police for catching hold of this stanger within 48 hours. Later she even added that he should be put under the bar, for his activity. According to the police, The accused had even put his hand on the actor’s shoulder. Although she manged to puch the man away and lock the door .

  The Stranger said to the Mumbai police that he went to the actor only to ask a job for his brother. But, Shruthi later tweeted that , i am not that innocent that i cant recognise the behaviour of a person who came to ask a job . She even said that what ever that man said to police was false and that man use to even follow her during her shooting’s.

Till here, everyone knew what has happend . But recently a knew story is being spread by the bollwood media , When the stanger entered Shruthi’s house , along with Shruthi a famous “Khan” actor was also present in her House. That Hero’s wife has only sent that accused person to Shruthi’s house , to see what’s happening is the Gossip’s Summary.

  Only god should know which one is right from the above 3 Versions.

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