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RGV once again creates controversy

Ram gopal varma

RGV once again creates controversy

Controversial director cum producer Ram Gopal Varma has created once again controversy by insulting the sentiments of Hindus in the country by making baseless and meaning less statements against Lord Ganesha. RGV in his tweeter a social networking site he said “”I have an innocent question…can someone please tell me how a Lord who couldn’t save his own head will save others heads?” “I would really love to know from Lord Ganesha’s devotees a list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him” “Does Lord Ganesha eat much more than other Gods? My doubt is becos all the other Gods are either trim or muscular” “Did Lord Ganesha have a paunch in his childhood too or did it develop in the recovery time of the elephant head operation?” “Can someone explain how someone can cut off a child’s head who was just trying to protect his mother’s modesty? Am sure devotees know better”. However RGV later apologized the people for making such statements against the gods.

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