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‘Rabhasa’ or ‘Joru’, Which Is the Best Title?


‘Rabhasa’ or ‘Joru’, Which Is the Best Title?

Apparently, the makers of Young Tiger NTR new movie are in a state of positive conflict between the two titles for their movie. Two titles are being considered for this movie and they are ‘Rabhasa‘ and ‘Joru‘. Let’s go through the pros and cons of these two titles. 

* RABHASA: Undoubtedly this is a powerful and catchy title. NTR fans may connect with this title of the movie. However, the only drawback of this title is, it reminds the title of Ram Charan’s blockbuster movie ‘Rachcha‘. Yet again, ‘Rabhasa‘ can attract everybody.

JORU: This is reportedly an alternative title choice of the makers. For now, this title appears to be softer than ‘Rabhasa‘ but catchy and everybody can pronounce it easily. After the movie’s release, the title gets more familiarity.  * On a whole, both ‘Rabhasa‘ and ‘Joru‘ are interesting titles. We have to wait and see whether the makers prefer anyone among the above titles or they opt for a new title of the movie.
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