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Masala Movie Review and Rating – A Comedy Entertainer


Masala Movie Review and Rating – A Comedy Entertainer


  • Movie name : Masala Movie (2013) 
  • Star Cast : Venkatesh, Ram, Shahzan Padamse, Anjali
  • Director : Vijay Bhaskar
  • Producer : D. Suresh Babu
  • Music Director : Thaman S.S 
  • Running Time140 Minutes  
  • Release Date : November 14, 2013

Story line of Masala movie:

 Here we will not discuss the complete story as you people need to enjoy it in the theaters. But the brief story line is that Ram will be acting in dual role so the complete story will be revolving around the characters of the Venkatesh and the Ram’s characters. 

Ram will be having a sister and will also have  a dream of making her sister’s marriage in their own house. But due to some issues they will loose their house. So how Ram manages to get back the house by playing different characters and to know what character did venkatesh played in movie you need to watch the movie in nearest theaters.

Individual Character Performances:   

Ram and Venkatesh has convinced their roles. Every actor in this movie have done their job. Even both heroines has acted very well. Where as Anjali will be attracting the audience but they didn’t have much role to play. The other crew like kovay sarala, ali also performed well.


Overall the movie is not as good as expected. The comedy in few scenes has failed to do their job. But the acting of venkatesh and Ram best. Few English dialogs by venkatesh make people to laugh a lot. But few scene looks like they have gone lengthy and prolonged.

Final Verdict:

Vijay Bhasker has coordinated both heroes very well and we can say that he is successful in creating a good multi starer movie. But due to few drags scenes the movie you may feel it boring in middle. Overall it is onetime watchable movie. If you have good comedy sense then you will definitely enjoy this movie without any regression.

IBO Rating of Masala Movie:  2.5/5

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