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Kaththi Movie Review(2014)

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Kaththi Movie Review(2014)

Movie Name: Kaththi

Director: A.R.Murgadoss

Producer: k.karunamoorthy

Music:  Anirudh Ravichander

Cast&crew:  Vijay,samantha



Kaththi deals with the sensitive issue of multinational companies encroaching fertile lands and there by destroying farming families. It takes a dig at media for being biased towards the rich and airing only sensational stories.

its story of a hydrology graduate who hails from a small village and how he fights with a big multinational company to get back his villages fertile lands.

Plus points:  Vijay given extrodinary perfomance by his actions dances,fights,samantha role was small,neil nitin,mukesh as villans they are good

Minus Points:

Movie length

flash back episode

Final word: At last movie is good,hit movie all perfomace are good auidence surly  enjoy

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