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Karthikeya Telugu Movie Review

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Karthikeya Telugu Movie Review

Karthikeya Telugu Movie Review(2014)


The story revolves around the mysterious Subramanyeswara Swamy temple in Subramanyapuram. The temple is shut down for mysterious reasons, and all those who try to find out the story behind this get killed by a deadly snake bite.

On the other hand, Katrhik(Nikhil) is an intelligent medical student who is posted to Subramanyapuram along with his group. Once they land there, mysterious things start happening to him and his group. A pretty upset Karthik decides to take things in his hands and solve the mystery himself.

What is the mystery behind the temple ? Why are people dying of snake bites ? Will Karthik be able to solve the mystery ? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

Back ground score


Minus Points:

second half


Final Word:

At last .Biggest ever release for nikhil,cleverly designed suspense elements make this film different from others, and ends up as quite an engaging watch this weekend.

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