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Gopala Gopala Movie Live Updates


Gopala Gopala Movie Live Updates

Pawan Kalyan


Gopala Gopala Movie live Updates:

Name : Gopala Gopala(2015)

Director :Kishore Kumar Pardasany

Producer: D.Suresh babu & Sharat Marar

cast & crew : power star pawan kalyan,venkatesh, shriya saran , mithun chakraborty, posani krishna murali


Gopala Gopala Movie produced by jointly suresh productions & North star Entertainments under directions of Kishore Kumar pardasany and Music Composed by Anoop Rubens.Starring with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Victory Venkatesh in main role and shriya saran will seen in female role & Posani Krishna in supporting character

 Live Updates of move Gopala Gopala



Gopala Gopala Movie Review here

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  • Movie started with shreya intro
  • Intro of venkatesh as atheist
  • 1st song started enduko
  • Ventesh family will travel to khashi
  • Entry of posani krishna Murli as sidha guru
  • Clash between posani and venkatesh as he opposes sidda guru
  • Sidda guru crashes venkatesh as he don’t believe in god
  • Next day shop of venkatesh will be demolished due to earth quake. Only his shop will be demolished
  • Everyone will be scolding venkatesh that his shop is demolished just because that he didn’t believe in god
  • Then he shows that 1 croce insurance papers of the demolished  shop
  • Now gopalrao in insurance office
  • Insurance officer doesnt claim as incident is act of god. Now Gopal RAO is fighting that he don’t believe in god and ask to show god.
  • Insurance officer is venala Kishore
  • Now gopalrao decides to file a case aganist god in court
  • Audience shouting when venkatesh takes the name of god 🙂
  • Gopalrao sends notices to all the temples and files a case against god
  • Entry of Mithun Chakravarthy as Swamy
  • Media high lights the issue as something unique and different as case on god is registered
  • All major swamijies will attend court
  • Discussion going on in court
  • Audience clapping for gopalrao dilougs
  • Court accepts the case of venkatesh (gopalam)
  • Power star entry
  • Interval after a fight which saves venkatesh
  • More 700 cases will be filed against god who lost their houses in earth quake and natural disasters.
  • Everyone leaves venkatesh then Pawan Kalyan will go to his house.
  • Pawan kalyan playing flute ( cute enough)
  • All swamijis and insurance companies discussing as the insurance amount is increasing as number of applicant’s increaseing.
  • Swamiji announces that siddesh maharaj will do fasting till he die
  • Interview of venkatesh with media his words makes audience clap
  • Bhaje bhaje song
  • Movie is very interesting
  • Judge asks venkatesh to submit proof/witnesses with in a week to proceed in case
  • Song neeve neeve
  • Will venkatesh wins the case? What Pawan Kalyan as god will be doing?
  • Wait for the updates


Gopala Gopala Movie Review here

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  1. Krishna

    January 9, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    Enti bhayya…2:30 Ki live updates annav…nidra kuda pokunda kurchoni unnam….start cheyy ippudaina

  2. srinu

    January 10, 2015 at 11:51 am

    very very very nice move

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