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censor tension for Rowdy felow movie – IBO

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censor tension for Rowdy felow movie – IBO

censor tention for Rowdy felow movie - IBO

censor tension for Rowdy felow movie – IBO

censor tension for Rowdy felow movie – IBO

Naara Rohith upcoming movie ” ROWDY FELOW” is slated for release on this friday it means november 21st across the world wide.The movie still was uncleared on the scheduled date ,With Censoring still going on, one wonders when the Board will issue certificate .It helps to release this movie on promoted  date.

According to the film  reports, Censor Board officials are watching the flick right now at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. In this time we got the information for the flick of movie certification issue.They are watching halfway second half  in the evening.And they will issue the censor certificate for rowdy felow.

Officials are finish all the formalities at this evening and issue the censor certificate.Generally the officials are take 3 days to issue the censor certificate, but it is heard that the Nara Rohit was given exception as screening of the flick was  got delayed due to non-availability of Censor members.This tonight, Certification is expected and then hard-disks of ‘Rowdy Fellow’ will start flying to screenes across the globe.Hope to this movie is everything goes well at the box office screens.let wait for this movie to watch.

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