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Brother Of Bommali Movie review-IBO

Allari Naresh

Brother Of Bommali Movie review-IBO

Brother Of Bommali Movie review-IBO

Brother Of Bommali Movie review-IBO

Brother Of Bommali Movie review-IBO:

Allari Naresh and Karthika Nair’s new movie Brother of Bommali  was released today .This movie is a full length comedy entertainer in tollywood.Allari Naresh acts as brother role to Karthika Nair.”Brother of Bommali” has directed by Chinni krishna’s.This movie is  hit the box office on 7 November. The movie is fullcomic quotient of the film has apparently to the audience.

It is a full length comedy with have the commercial mass elements to the audience.The movie Brother Of Bommali is a fresh story which has not been explored Telugu movies.Monal Gajjar acts the leadind role with  Naresh’s blockbuster movie, “Sudigadu”, has played his love interest.For the comedy appearence Brahmanamdham ,Ali and Srinivas Reddy has Played leading role for good timing highlights of comedy.

Actress Karthika Nair plays the twin sister of Allari Naresh, while Harshvardhan Rane appears as her love interest.Karthika Nair attracts the audience with her performence.After watching Brother Of Bommali , it got U/A certificate.It is action thriller movie with silent brother and violent sister.

Kelly Dorjee and Abhimanyu Singh are  the biggest surprises of “Brother of Bommali”. These actors, who are known for their villainous acts.They  have played comic roles in the film. Produced by Ammiraju Kaanumilli, From the audience review it is good length comedy movie for Allari Naresh.

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