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“Aamir is the finest actor the country has!” say’s Shah Rukh Khan

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“Aamir is the finest actor the country has!” say’s Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh , Salman & Aamir all 3 khan hero’s entered the industry at the same time and all 3 of them have almost equal fan following in bollywood. While, both Salman & Aamir stay close to each other . It was Shah Rukh who always had some or the other problems with the other 2 Khan Hero’s . No one, knows exactly whether it was rivalry a between them or a ‘Media Creation’.

But, recently Salman & Shah Rukh hugged each other at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party . The news was spread in social media & New’s channel’s that srk and salman have become freinds again.

Now, Shah Rukh said that Aamir is a Mr. Perfectionist, and he works very hard for his characters . Even i want to play a negative role like Aamir in Dhoom 3. I will do a negative role if some one comes to me with a good story. Both Shah Rukh and Aamir went to Delhi in the same Flight & Shared the same Taxi to home.

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